Warranty information and limits for Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl.

  • Ceramic Pro warranties to enhance the substrate it is applied to and make that substrate hydrophobic and easier to maintain.
  • Ceramic Pro warranties to remedy any warranty claim processed through the substrates warranty with the reapplication of the Ceramic Pro product at no cost.
  • All Warranties are subject to the warranty of the PPF or Vinyl they are installed on and will not be warrantied longer than the length of coverage from the warranty of the substrate, nor for any additional coverage than warranty of the substrate
  • Change of finish (i.e. from Matte to Satin) is not warrantied. We highly recommend the use of small samples of each substrate, whether that is a matte red vinyl or stealth ppf. A 50/50 sample will let customer decide and accept finish with coating.

PPF Limits

Packages above 3 layers are still warrantied to enhance the performance of the substrate, yet we do not recommend for self-healing PPF as it can affect those characteristics at 4+ layers.

Vinyl Limits

On vinyl there is no limit to the recommended layers.